Cover for Book 3!

Hello Guys!


I had released the cover art for the 3rd book for my Patrons a while ago, and since the 3rd book is about to finish soon, I decided to release the cover for the public 🙂


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    1. The book will be released at the end of May, and once it’s published on Amazon, I’ll send a message to all the people subscribed to this site informing them of the news 🙂 So make sure to subscribe!

  1. I might have read you saying it’s not him that is on the cover of Book 2: Desolate Mountains. Does it mean; his origin? His father? Also what does the Book 3: Scion of Raizel cover signify?

    1. Nope, the one on the cover of Book 2 is indeed Calron. As for the cover of Book 3, the character on it has been introduced to the book but its his human form 😉 If you’re a patron, you’ve would have read ahead and already know who it is ^^ There will be more clues in the following chapters about who the creature is.

      1. Oh, I see. This creature seems like the savage kind and more intimidating while Calron’s bloodline appear fierce and swift. Thanks for clarifying thay bit. Looking forward for more chapters.

  2. I have been keeping up to date with your posts even though I can’t read them ( Not allowed wish I could support) doesn’t this mean book 3 will be released?

  3. Hey I love your books please continue your work is amazing. the other day I went to bed around 4am in the mourning reading the book I couldn’t put it down, even thought I had to wake up a7 for work. I look forward to reading book number 4.

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