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Hiya Everyone!


My name is Daman, and I am the author of the series you know as ‘The Divine Elements’.

Since a young age, writing has always been something where I would find solace and a feeling of enlightenment. From writing my own plays to poetry, I found various ways to express myself and my creativity as a child.

Never did I think that in the future, I would actually write my own book.

My inspiration for ‘The Divine Elements’ comes from the Chinese Xianxia novels that I used to religiously read during a greater part of my later teen years. “Xianxia” – meaning “Immortal Hero” in Chinese, is a genre encompassing the tropes of martial cultivation, qi, ascension to immortality, etc.

There are not many Xianxia books in the Western world, and thus I wanted ‘The Divine Elements’ to be the one that would pave the path for others.

The Divine Elements was a book that I started on a rainy summer in my dorm. I started posting the chapters on a web novel site and never did I expect that people would read it and moreover, follow and like it enough to come again.

My followers grew and it reached to the point where I was almost writing everyday. However, things changed when I started getting support from my lovely readers in the form of paypal donations and Patreon!

Patreon allowed my readers to support me monthly, and seeing that people were actually pledging their money to support the series, I knew it was time to get serious.

I did not have enough funds to get my first book professionally edited, but made sure there were no obvious grammatical errors and decided to publish the book on Amazon.

After that, it has been a rollercoaster of a journey and the beginning of the The Divine Elements‘ journey to the top. The Second Book of the series was last released and the Third Book will soon follow within a few months.

If you liked my books, then I always appreciate a review on my amazon page about your experience with the book.

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Writer of ‘The Divine Elements’